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What are the benefits of JobLeads Premium?
What does JobLeads offer its Basic & Premium Members?
In what languages is JobLeads available?
Do I get visa, sponsorship or relocation support?
How do I contact JobLeads?
Your data is safe with JobLeads!


What kinds of jobs are posted on JobLeads?
How does JobLeads estimate company salaries?
Is there a guarantee that I will find a job?
How can I apply for Jobs?
How do I save a job search?
How do I edit or delete a saved search?
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What is Basic membership?
How can I delete my basic account?
How do I cancel my Premium Membership?
How can I activate my account?
What should I do after creating my account?
How do I unsubscribe from JobLeads' emails?


How does JobLeads Headhunter Search work?


What are JobLeads’ payment terms?
What is JobLeads' refund policy?
How do I ask for a refund?
When will I get the refund?
In which currency will I be charged?
Which payment methods are accepted?
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What is JobLeads Academy?
What are the coaches’ qualifications?
What are the technical requirements for attending webinars?
How do I register for a webinar?
How much does each webinar cost?
What payment methods are accepted?
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Resume Services

How can I use JobLeads' Resume Services?
How does the resume writing process work & what qualifications do resume writers have?
What are the benefits of a professionally written resume?

Technical Issues

How do I change my email address?
How do I reset or change my password?
Why am I shown expired jobs?
Why do I see a blank page in my browser?
Why are JobLeads' emails not reaching me?
How do you move JobLeads to the white list?

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